"Do I Need An Appointment" and other questions.??

I thought I’d write a quick blog that will answer a couple frequently asked questions about Church Street Bridal Shop beginning with the Most Asked Question of ALL….

Do you need an appointment to try on dresses.???

Absolutely Not..!!  During our business hours we welcome ALL walk-ins.  That doesn’t mean you won’t get first class service, it just means you can come at your leisure and know that you will feel just as important as everyone else.  You will be able to look through the racks full of gowns without feeling rushed.  If you are in need of a “special” appointment due to time constraints, we will try to accommodate your needs by bringing in a consultant to help you in off hours.

What are your hours.???

Church Street Bridal is open Tuesday-Friday, 3-6pm and Saturday, 10-4pm.

Are your dresses new or used.???

All of our gowns are new floor models / samples.  Although we have a few that may have a little bit of ‘love’ on them from trying on….most all gowns are in very good condition and they are priced with any defects taken into consideration.  With our prices…..you will still find a gown that is worth $1000’s…..but only pay a few hundred. 

How often do you receive new shipments of gowns.???

VERY often.  We never know when they’ll show up, but depending on the time of year, we can receive several shipments per month.  Sometimes they contain dozens of gowns….sometimes only a few.  But don’t worry…you won’t be disappointed with our selection.