Church Street Bridal visits NYC

Every year in June, the ladies of the YWCA pack a bag and head for the Big Apple.  So many of our generous partner/donors are in New York City, so each year we take the opportunity to go up and personally thank these wonderful people for their support throughout the year and hopefully solicit new partners.  This year the ladies who traveled with us were Sabrah Briers and Laurie Croft (Board members), Caroline Hudson (YWCA Executive Director) and myself (Sheilah –Bridal Shop manager).  ***A special thanks inserted here for Sabrah who drives us to and from NYC each year….and navigates the Manhattan traffic to our hotel destination.

Each morning of this working trip starts with a Starbucks drink and time to go over the day’s itinerary.  Then we were off and running….and sometimes it was actually running as we maneuvered the blocks of Manhattan and Brooklyn for 4 days….averaging approximately 14 miles per day.!!


We’re often asked if we bring back dresses when we go, and the answer is no.  The dresses are shipped to us as our car is full of ladies and luggage..!!

The week is spent running from one salon to another to spend time with current friends and potential donors!  We get the chance to drool over the beautiful designs in each salon while catching up with what’s going on in the bridal world.

So a few things worth mentioning….

**Jenny Yoo has a new “shimmer collection”

**RK Bridal moved to the Upper West Side in a beautiful new salon

**L’Fay Bridal and Angelo Lambrou have also moved into a new salon spaces in mid-town

**Kleinfeld was busy as always with a special guest in attendance

**Grand Central Terminal is still crazy busy

**NYC subways are super

**Mark Ingram Atelier is fabulous

**Tia Mazza is one of the most gracious ladies in NYC

**Here Come the Bridesmaids and Faviana joined us as new partner/donors

**Time Square is one of the most colorful places around

As always we were welcomed by all our friends (new and old) in NYC.  There were smiles everywhere and open arms and lots of fun to be had.  The days were long, the heat was hot, the miles were endless, but the benefits of this quick “thank you tour” pay off in the long run through the beautiful gowns, veils and accessories donated by over 20 different salons in NY we visit.

So to everyone who participated and to those who made the trip a success….thank you for all the love and support you give me, the YWCA and Church Street Bridal..!!!

Love, Sheilah