Our Brides Come from Near and Far..!!

Thanks to social media and referrals from former customers…..we’re able to get our word out to brides across the globe.  Since coming to the YWCA Church Street Bridal Shop, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, dressing and celebrating with young ladies from all over the world.  Yes….all over the world…so we can boast about our reputation as a world class bridal shop..!!  Okay, maybe I’m embellishing a bit….but I’m very proud of how far we’ve come and how far brides are willing to come, just to buy a dress from us….because they want a couture gown at low price and they believe in our mission to help others. 

Brides have come to us from a few blocks away, a few cities away, a few states away, a few time zones away, and even a few countries/continents away…!!  Yes, I said continents.

Last week we had a bride visit us from Jordan….(yes, the country)…making her the one who came the furthest and shop at Church Street Bridal..!!  We’ve also shipped gowns to brides across the Atlantic, and into Switzerland.

Why do our brides come so far..??  Because they’ve heard about us via online web sites, or from trusted friends or family members who urge them to visit.

So…thank you to everyone who may travel across town or across country to shop for such a special occasion.  It’s definitely worth the drive..!!

(love, Sheilah)