What is a BLOG (to me)..!!

Here I am questioning myself about blogging..!!  When I was recently asked how often I blogged...I replied..."as often as I feel I have a blog worthy idea."  So I asked the young ladies who work with me...."What is blogging all about.??"  The comments I received ranged from a particular subject matter to telling you just how I'm feeling about a particular subject.  We all hear about and read "blogs" from individuals giving their point of view on a particular subject...so I thought I'd try the same.  If you get bored with my prose or have a comment about it....I welcome your thoughts and consideration..!!

Every day I unlock the doors to our shops, straighten our racks, and open our Facebook page to answer your questions and hopefully add to your interests.  There are times I ponder what you may be interested in seeing.  Do you want to see New Gowns we've received.?  Would you prefer to see what sales we may have in the future.??  WHAT do you want to see on our Facebook or Web page.??

I'm not a teenager .... but I'm not a Senior Citizen....so I hope to make this journey fun for both of us.!! When you come into our shop....we hope to make your experience one that's memorable, successful and fun..  You may or may not find your perfect dress at our shops....but either way you'll be glad you stopped into Church Street Bridal along your wedding "Super Hghway"..>!!

So....have I answered the question of "what is a Blog"..???  Probably not....but what I've done is open the door for me to offer my response to that question.  A Blog (to me)....is simply an opinion, a platform for sharing my opinions.....silly or not....about what happens at Church Street Bridal...!!   We sell fabulous couture gowns to our brides...and the proceeds benefit the victims we are responsible for.

With each dress that comes through our doors.....we have the opportunity to make a bridal dream come true.....and with the proceeds of each dress that goes back out of our doors we have the opportunity to take away the nightmare of a victim in our programs......!!!

So...in this girls opinion.....have I offered a "blog" worthy post...??  Maybe...!!  But either way.....Thanks for listening and watch for future fun posts as I get my feet wet in the "blogging world".!!  Have a super day and we'll see you on Church Street....Inside the YWCA building.!!  (love, Sheilah)....