Today is "DENIM DAY"

Have you ever heard of "Denim Day"..???  Well let me tell you about it.

In 1992, an 18 year-old was raped on the side of the road by her 45 year-old driving instructor. She pressed charges and won her case. The instructor appealed, ...and in 1998, the Italian High Court overturned the conviction. A member of the High Court declared that since the victim wore very tight jeans, the Instructor could not have removed them himself; therefore, the victim must have willingly participated. The next day, women of the Italian Parliament wore jeans in protest and as news of the decision spread, so did the protest.
Today, we use the history of this protest to spread awareness as part of a movement to empower all victims of sexual violence, male and female

Our Denim Day Billboard on Highway 29 in Lynchburg.!!   

Our Denim Day Billboard on Highway 29 in Lynchburg.!!


So, now that you know about Denim Day....we ask you to share this story and help us raise awareness about this terrible offense against those who have been victims of such a heinous crime.  Put on your denim today and wear it knowing that you are aware of this cause and support our mission.  Tell others about us and let them know we're here if they need us.  And if you need the support of our SARP team (Sexual Assault Response Program)....don't hesitate to call the confidential hotline at 888-947-7273....HELP IS OUT THERE....just CALL and ask for it.!

Church Street Bridal exists for this purpose (and others).  We are here because of the love and generosity of our caring donors and beautiful brides.  We look forward to seeing you here on Church Street.!!

Have a Super Day....and I'll see you soon.!!

Love, Sheilah