Who we serve


Victims of Domestic Violence
Proceeds go to domestic violence prevention and intervention services.  This includes sheltering victims, connecting them with legal council, and training to get them back on their feet. All of these programs are operated by the Ywca of Central Virginia.  

Lynchburg, VA
...and many areas surrounding.  Our hands reach out to city residents and rural residents alike. They reach as far as Danville and as close as a neighbor.  Every CSB purchase that you make funds the efforts of the Ywca of Central Virgina.  

Every age
From women to children, even men, unfortunately violence knows no bounds. The Lynchburg Ywca is also home of the SARP program, or sexual assault response program.  Trained volunteers respond in times of crisis and meet victims in E.R.s or police stations.  -Where ever they are needed.